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The Rapid Response Unit: Protecting victims when the police won’t

The Society Without Violence NGO has a Rapid Response Unit (RRU) that deserves significant praise. The RRU’s mission is to quickly discover cases of domestic violence, protect the victim and raise public attention. As one can imagine, they operate with very few resources in a society that is against them or at least doesn’t see a need for them.

The RRU has a map of incidents of domestic violence and gender-based violence. The map was created in July, and while it still needs more data, it’s a great beginning to visualizing, tracking and publicizing these incidents.

The need for the RRU is obvious when looking at just a few of the recent incidents of domestic violence with a tragic end. If the victims had received support or protection, it’s possible they would still be alive.

If you’ve witnessed a domestic violence or gender-based violence case, please alert the Rapid Response Unit at http://rru.swv.am/. While not all instances of violence lead to murder, no violence should be tolerated in any society.

For those that missed it, my story of calling the police and their failure of doing anything is posted here.


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