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Update: Zhoghovourd Newspaper Supporters are Fighting back Against the Freeze of Assets

More than 100 people have marched in favor of the Zhoghovourd newspaper against the court’s freezing of its assets reported earlier (Pictures of the march are available here). The lawyers of the newspaper submitted a motion to lift the lien on their property. The court will decide on the motion by the 2nd.

On the plus side, Reporter’s Without Border’s have moved Armenia up a few notches to 74th in the world vis-à-vis Press Freedom. This is significantly higher than the rest of the Caucuses states with Georgia trailing at 100th. The Armenian Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression also reported improvement in 2012 versus 2011.


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March to combat Violence Against Women

The Women’s Resource Center is coordinating a march tomorrow for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. A number of other NGOs are joining including PINK and Bridge of Hope. Everyone in Yerevan should attend.

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