Slowly Thawing Hibernation

Dear Readers,

I want to apologize for the apparent abandonment of this blog. This blog is not dead. What happened is that I became very busy focusing on my projects here in Armenia that I wasn’t even able to keep up with the news, let alone write professional commentary on current events. I finished my fellowship at Caucasus Research Resource Center, and as of today, extended my time here in Armenia to focus on the projects I’m working on and to find a job here. In the mean time, I plan on slowly start posting again to this blog. If I land a permanent position here in Armenia, then I can commit to continuing this blog indefinitely.




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2 responses to “Slowly Thawing Hibernation

  1. Gabe, Let’s meet to discuss human rights video projects for Armenia. I will be in Armenia July 7 – Sept 13. Robert

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