The Birth of the Homeland Development Initiative Foundation

Yesterday, the phenomenal Homeland Handicrafts project grew up and became the Homeland Development Initiative Foundation. This project was started by honorary consul Timothy Straight—an awesome, awesome guy. A video of the launch is available here (skip ahead to the three minute mark).

This Foundation will provide the legal support to the hundreds of village women that have started to become self-sufficient through the Homeland Handicrafts project. The project took the skills the women had and provided them an avenue to use those skills and receive a profit. Many of these women have never had the experience of good work being rewarded monetarily. Some of the women are still resistant to change (e.g. one woman has too many orders for a product she sews, but she won’t tell other women how to sew it to keep her mini-monopoly). But, the more opportunities villagers get to be self-sufficient, the more this stubborn mentality will change.

Enough talking, go buy something! Or if you’re overwhelmed by the options, check out the product that started it all: the Berd Bear. They ship to the US and will customize your order, so you have no excuse now!


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