Gearing up for the Defender’s Office’s Annual Report

The Human Rights Defender’s Office, where I was a fellow at last year, puts out an annual report on Armenia’s human rights situation. I contributed in the final push for publication for last year’s report.

This year’s report is being developed, and as a “sneak peak,” the Defender’s Office releases key summaries of human rights violations in different sectors. The final report should be available sometime around May.



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2 responses to “Gearing up for the Defender’s Office’s Annual Report

  1. H.

    It always astounds me that a country like Armenia, with a vast (English-speaking) diaspora usually has er… less than flawless English translations of their websites. I’m sure the report will read fine since you’re working on it but couldn’t they get some other intern to improve the English on the actual website? I know this is making me sound like a jerk but it would be nice to encounter a website from Armenia whose English edition did not read like it was translated using Google Translate.

    • Gabe Armas-Cardona

      I know what you’re talking about. When I was at the Defender’s Office (a governmental institution, not some underdeveloped NGO), I was the only native-English speaker in the 30-50 person office.

      I know of another Birthright Armenia volunteer that will be joining them soon, and I’m sure part of her work will be to fix their English.

      While Armenia is able to get people to visit and volunteer, it’s very hard for a Diasporan to find a job that pays enough to live here. That’s what makes Repat Armenia’s service of finding employment for Diasporans so valuable.

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