Election Devolution

I got to say that while I expected something, I didn’t expect this. On Sunday, Raffi Hovannisian declared a hunger strike. This will be his second hunger strike; his first was in March 2011. He also built up the rhetoric saying that Sargsyan’s swearing in will occur in Freedom square “over [his] dead body.” In response, Sargsyan is simply moving the swearing in ceremony. Sadly, I believe Raffi Hovannisian has jumped the shark.

For weeks, Raffi has been hammering that this is the people’s victory and the people’s revolution. He’s been as effective as a leader can be to say that he is not the one that matters in the movement. He’s been improving as a speech giver and has seemed more and more presidential. While many have been pressuring him to do something, I don’t think anyone suggested another hunger strike. We already had a hunger strike this election and it didn’t produce the hoped for results. Instead, this action will refocus the movement on Raffi and his health status rather than on public demonstrations and demands.

The Minister of Justice decided to “take a vacation” to defend the President in the Constitutional Court. You would think that the Republican Party would have their own legal team that wouldn’t require the sitting (and supposedly neutral) Minister of Justice to take a vacation from his real job to defend the President.

Also, here is one more story of voter fraud from an OSCE/ODIHR observer. What makes this story different? The observer is a former Minister of Foreign Affairs and a Minister of Justice of Ireland. A special prosecutor called Narine Esmaeili, Birthright Armenia volunteer, election observer and victim of electoral abuse, a liar and her story as false. I wonder if a special prosecutor will do the same to the Irish former Minister?


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