Artificially Created Opposition to the Student Protests

As I mentioned recently, there have been student protests for the last few days. Included in those protests are students opposing the protestors. Well, recently it came out that those opposing students weren’t there of their own regard but were “suggested” to be there. In particular, students originally from Akhalkalak, Javakh in Georgia were strongly suggested to come out. My coworker’s brother was one of those called and asked to come. Apparently, Gevorg Melkonyan, assistant to the rector of Yerevan State University was caught on tape referring to his “Akhalkalak army.” This has caused a huge uproar among the pro-protestors and from Armenians from Javakh. An NGO in Javakh responded that no one can order the people of Javakh around.

It’s believed that the reason students from Javakh are being used is that they are less aware of their rights and are more willing to do the government’s bidding because of the vulnerability that comes with their immigrant status.


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