Appealing the Election Results to the Constitutional Court

Raffi Hovannisian has until Monday to appeal the election results to the Constitutional Court. Interesting, Hovannisian is going to let the crowd at today’s rally decide.

It’s a challenging strategic question for Hovannisian. Everyone believes the Constitutional Court (as with all courts) lean in favor to the President. However, unlike other judges, the President has no legal power over the judges on the Constitutional Court. The President is constitutionally allowed to remove lower judges from their benches but cannot touch the Constitutional Court judges once he appoints them. Is this enough for an independent judiciary? I’ll let the reader to decide, but I will bring up how the Constitutional Court consistently shot down the requests of the opposition vis-à-vis the 2012 parliamentary election (and Ter-Petrossyan’s 2008 requests). Whether the requests were justified or not, I cannot say.

Amnesty International has stepped in to tell the government to investigate possible human rights violations from the election. It’s interesting, and good analysis, how they balance international observers’ statements of a well run election with significant discrete reports of abuses.


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