Even More Presidential Election Updates

OSCE - Hear No Evil
I’m very sorry for not updating this blog in the last day. I was working on something very big that should come out before the day is done. It’s on the elections and evidence of fraud. Unfortunately, I can’t say more until later.

The News

The rally two days ago was massive. My guess is 1500-2500 people were there, but I’m not the best estimator. There was a lot more energy than the first rally. During that rally, Raffi commended the people for overcoming their inner fear. He also said that this is only the beginning. He disbursed the crowd after a few other speakers but said anyone who wanted to stay could stay with him. He stayed in Freedom Square until at least 9pm when I left.

20 Feb 2013 Rally for Raffi

Yesterday there were two rallies at Freedom square and in front of the Presidential Palace. The Republicans planned their own rally but cancelled it. Yesterday was significant because Raffi met with Sargsyan. Rumors abound that Sargsyan gave Raffi an ultimatum or even to join the ruling coalition. The details won’t be officially released until today at 5pm at another rally in Freedom Square. The ball is still in Raffi’s court to see how far he’ll push this.

My view

To give my own opinion, what I feel is likely the best that Raffi can get is a concrete concession from Sargsyan and some significant change. Sargsyan is not going to give up the presidency, and Raffi doesn’t have enough support to start a revolution. He can try to go to the Constitutional Court, but it is commonly believed that it is biased in favor of the President. This doesn’t give Raffi too many options. He can start a political protest movement based around occupying Freedom Square, but that could slowly die as did Occupy Wall Street, or—much worse—could face the same fate as the protestors on 1 March 2008.

So, he makes a bargain. For example, he could accept the official results while Sargsyan admits to “flaws” in the process, and the CEC could be reformed with direct oversight by a coalition headed by Raffi. There are plenty of other bargains that are possible, which at least would give a concrete positive result instead of the amorphous positive result gained by protests like Occupy Wall Street.

Other Updates

Another friend of mine wrote a post about her experiences with the election. She’s generally very apolitical, but her knowledge and experience of Raffi made her donate her time for his campaign. Rather than say her whole story, I’ll let her explain it.

Also, here is the video testimony of Narine Esmaeili mentioned in the previous post. It’s amazingly frustrating to hear her story and to know that this type of fraud is going on in 2013.


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