“The Regime Should Apologize to the Voters of Armenia”

Yesterday’s rally in Freedom Square was less a rally and more of a press release about today’s rally. Hovannisian said that he demanded the authorities to admit to their election fraud by 5pm today. He then led a march of the 1,000+ people down Mashtots avenue. Hovannisian is holding another rally today at 5pm at Freedom Square where he’ll likely say whether he’ll contest the election or accept the results.

I attended the rally and got the feeling that Hovannisian needed to stall to figure out what to do. Hovannisian has the opportunity to appeal the outcome to the constitutional court if he can show the election was rigged. It’s possible the constitutional court will either dismiss him out of hand or require a high level of proof of fraud. This means Hovannisian’s camp will essentially need to do a massive investigation of facts and quantitative analysis of the results without the help of the police and all in the 36 hours since the results were released. There is no way he’ll be able to gather the evidence in time, so the question remains open: what will he do? We’ll hopefully find out today at 5pm.

In other news, here is the statement by Lena Nazaryan from Transparency International who interrupted the OSCE press conference. Also, Candidate Andreas Ghukasyan has ended his hunger strike.


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