What will Raffi Hovannisian do?

The answer is no one knows. He hasn’t decided whether to take the case to the constitutional court, but he is going to have his rally today at 5pm.

Hovannisian’s campaign released a long list of 107 violations on the day of the election. Cleverly, they wrote  the list as an open letter to international observers. In turn, international observers say that this election was better than previous ones but lacked “genuine competition.”

Hovannisian said last night he would not run again in 2018. He’ll probably go into detail in today’s rally.



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3 responses to “What will Raffi Hovannisian do?

  1. The head of the OSCE observer mission KILLS any small growth of rule-of-law democracy happening here in Armenia. Every time they overlook the (PROVEN) massive election fraud, they truly give the green light to the criminal regime to commit MORE fraud in the next election!

  2. Gabe Armas-Cardona

    OSCE’s quick response generally saying that the election was fine is definitely weird. It’d not plausible that the OSCE is acting in cahoots with the authorities, so why did they give such a response?

    My best guess is that the abuses that were committed were done out of sight of the OSCE. The OSCE only has a few hundred observers, much less than the 1988 polling stations. With so many polling stations without observers, an agent trying to bias the election could commit all the fraud in other stations. This has the double benefit: the fraud is committed and the OSCE doesn’t see any fraud so they say the election was well run.

    If I’m right, the OSCE really needs to reevaluate how they observe elections to make sure their presence has a positive impact and doesn’t legitimize fraud.

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