Five More Years …

The CEC reports Serzh Sargsyan’s victory with 58.64%, Hovannisian with 36.75% of the vote. These results fit very closely to Gallup International’s exit poll (Gallup International is a different entity than the more well known Gallup, Inc.):

  • Serzh Sargsyan: 58%
  • Raffi Hovannisian: 32%
  • Paruyr Hayrikyan: 3%
  • Hrant Bagratyan: 3%
  • The rest received: 1%

However, the fight for the presidency is not over as Hovannisian disagrees with the results. For certain polls, Havannisian’s campaign reports that Havannisian won, but the polling stations were told not to report their results. Hrant Bagratyan congratulated Hovannisian on his (stolen) victory.

Hovannisian is not seeking to do a repeat of the 2008 protests, as he has told people to remain calm and not to panic. He reiterated that today is a victory for Armenia, as the Armenian people got to proclaim their first de jure president. Sargsyan agreed with Hovannisian’s claim that this was a victory for Armenia. Hovannisian is holding a rally today at 5pm in Freedom Square to discuss the results and to answer where we’re going next.

In other news, the Republicans are using the election as an excuse to clean house.


More irregularities

The Heritage party is investigating a report that one of their proxies brought over 400 signed ballots into a polling station. The Republicans were quick to tell the oppositional candidates to oversee the possible fraud to “avoid groundless accusations.”

Republicans pay Taxis to ferry voters, especially seniors, to the polls. While it’s commendable that the Republicans are making it easier for people to vote, especially those that might not be able to, shouldn’t this service be provided by the government?

Hovannisian website has a long list of electoral violations. So far, all the violations listed come from 16 February or early.


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