First Significant Election Issues

Stamp failure

In an almost identical repeat of last year’s election, the passport stamps used to prohibit multiple votes aren’t effective. Last year the stamps would fade away in minutes (or sometimes not at all) instead of the days that it was supposed to take. This time, the stamps can be wiped away (video link) with a damp cloth. The Central Election Commission has dismissed allegations of vanishing ink. Perhaps youtube is blocked on their computers?


Just like last year, reports of bribes are coming in. This time voters are receiving a more meager 5,000 drams ($12.50) than last year’s 10,000 dram bribes. One user took a picture of his bribe and included it in his ballot saying “I am not for sale, please give this amount to Serzh Sargsyan.” Artur Sakunts of Helsinki Citizens Assembly in Vanadzor says the bribes are simply to make sure people go vote.

Alleged Ballot Stuffing

One polling station monitor is reporting “three illegal ballots.” Not a big concern as of yet.

Voters potentially being bussed in to vote

GALA TV is reporting that “Republican Party MP Samvel Aleksanyan is ferrying workers from the sugar factory he owns in Akhurian to Yerevan to cast ballots in today’s presidential election.” Supposedly, the workers are given ballots with Serzh Sargsyan’s name already selected. When they’re in the voter booth, they’re supposed to switch their pre-voted ballot with a real ballot, and presumably give the real ballot to their boss to prove they followed orders. If this is true, this blatant voter fraud could significantly discredit Sargsyan’s all-but-guaranteed victory.

Report violations is a site that allows anyone to upload reports of election fraud or other irregularities. If you see something, upload it there.

For the latest news, Civilnet’s twitter feed is updating very frequently, in both English and Armenian.



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