Further Investigation of Foreign Minister Oskanian

Former foreign minister Oskanian was recently summoned by the National Security Service regarding further investigations of Civilitas. I have not touched on this subject on this blog, but the government has been investigating Oskanian’s role in possible appropriation of funds within Civilitas.

Many believe this investigated is politically motivated. Oskanian was considered a prime candidate for the Presidential election until this investigation destroyed his chances, and with it went the best possible candidate from the Prosperous Armenia Party (and with that, arguably, the election was over). To be investigated, Parliament had to first strip him of his immunity, a vote split between pro-government and oppositional parties.

In fairness to the government, it does appear that there was some money appropriated from Civilitas. But, the investigators are having to drill far down to find this; there is no evidence of rampant corruption. Considering the rampant levels of corruption throughout Armenia, it’s obvious that Civilitas is not a big deal. Putin is well known for his selective enforcement of the law. Will the Armenian authorities follow in his footsteps?


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