Guess who’s the new Fellow at the Caucuses Research Resource Center

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been very busy preparing for a new fellowship I’ll be starting at the Yerevan office of the Caucuses Research Resource Center (CRRC). That’s right, I’m going back to Armenia.

CRRC‘s focus is on quantitative research and public policy. One of their main projects is the Caucuses Barometer that develops detailed information on a range of issues in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. This data is essential for developing responsive policy. The substance of my fellowship is not finalized, but my goal for the fellowship is to gain quantitative research skills to augment all the human rights reports I’ll write for the rest of my career. Most human rights lawyers have no quantitative skills, and hopefully, I can help fill that void.

The fellowship includes an independent research project, and I’m currently open to recommendations on what area I should focus on. Possibilities are 1) domestic violence, 2) public perspectives on peace and how they can move the peace negotiations forward and 3) public perspectives on the legal system and how to effectively provide cheap trustworthy legal services. If you have any recommendations on how to start working on these ideas, or any other good research idea, please leave me a message at

Because of this new position, updates to this blog will be sporadic until at least next weekend. I’ll try to keep you all up to date on the biggest news events, but I promise to get back to normal after next weekend.



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2 responses to “Guess who’s the new Fellow at the Caucuses Research Resource Center

  1. Hi Gabe, Another possible project subject for you is the possible move to a Parliamentary system of government that will allow for the WIDELY needed independence of the judiciary. Once they are independent of the personal desires of the president and his friends, all these other critical issues (including illegal destructive mining) will have a chance of reform. THAT’S the key! Here’s 4 minutes of the film I am in Armenia right now producing on this issue…

    • Gabe Armas-Cardona

      Great video Robert! I have to admit, when I’ve heard calls for a parliamentary system, I dismissed them. The Republicans have the majority now, and they’d likely have the majority then, what would change? I didn’t realize this issue.

      In the US, the President appoints judges, but it’s only Congress that can remove a judge for an impeachment. So, judges don’t feel beholden to the president once appointed: the President has no legal power over them anymore.

      I completely agree that an independence judiciary is critical. Unfortunately, CRRC isn’t a policy reform organization but more of a research-tank. They won’t endorse any push for policy reform, but they will provide the data and the research tools to show that the people would prefer the policy change. I’ll think about this idea and see how if it works with their resources. Thanks for the idea!

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