Presidential Election, Ctd.

The campaigning process is going strong in Armenia ahead of the election occurring on the 18th. Regardless, the updates below are more of the same.

  • A recent poll has the Sargsyan getting 66% of the vote. Getting a large mandate is important to Sargsyan.
  • PACE made a statement earlier about the high level of distrust regarding this election. This statement seems to have pissed off Sargsyan enough that the head of Armenia’s delegation to PACE will need to look for a new job soon.
  • The updated voter list has 2.5 million voters. Presidential Candidate Arman Melikyan thinks the real number of voters in Armenia is only 1.5 million. Note that fake votes from non-existent people has been a classic tool to stuff ballots in Armenia and other places.
  • Three opposition candidates make a joint call to Armenians to vote on the 18th.
  • Sargsyan came out in favor of civil society (don’t tell CivilNet that).
  • Andrias Ghukasyan has used his Presidential election campaign to fight against the oligarch system in Armenia.
  • Hovannisian’s campaign claims that a mayor illegally wanted money to put up campaign posters.
  • Finally, for those that haven’t been following the details, Tert has a good (but biased) recap of what’s going on.

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