Excellent In-Depth Analysis of Georgia’s turn Northwards

Hetq has a very well-written article by political analyst Stepan Safaryan. It talks about Georgia and its changing relationship with its neighbors in a Post-Saakashvili world.

After the 2008 war Russia realized that by taking back Abkhazia and South Ossetia, it actually built a great wall between itself and the South Caucasus. Although Russia gained small separatist territoriesby winning the Georgian-Russian war, it faced a risk of losing abigger and more strategically important territory–the entire Caucasus. It is worth remembering that after the 2008 war, when asked what Washington was going to do a White House officialanswered that they were examining how Russia’stactical victory could be turned into a strategic defeat.

One commentator is excited about the future possibilities. And in tangential news, Armenian history will now be taught in Georgian schools.


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