ANCA: Congratulations Obama, now do more for Armenia

The Armenia National Committee of America has wasted no time in congratulating Obama for his second term and using the time to push for Armenia. Most straight forward, ANCA wants Obama to fulfill his campaign promise to recognize the Genocide. More tactfully and with a better chance of success, ANCA is pushing to limit the cuts to foreign aid to Armenia. They mention a number of indicators, including the recent high score from Heritage Society, to show how Armenia has improved as a place for business investment. Finally, they are hammering the idea of a trade agreement between the US and Armenia. US has a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement with Georgia and most central Asian states. While I can’t comment on most aspects of a trade agreement, one part many Diasporan investors would love is to be able to rely on international trade tribunals rather than domestic courts for resolving contract disputes. Diasporan investors being taken advantage of has been a huge issue and is stymieing investment from all Diasporans, including from the influx of Syrian-Armenians.


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