Hovannisian going for the Vote

I earlier laid out three strategies the opposition could be following:

  1. Have a low voter turnout to delegitimize the election
  2. Have Hovannisian obtain a large share of votes to make it seem like Sargsyan doesn’t have a mandate and re-cement the opposition’s role as the opposition, or
  3. Communicate the lack of competition to international actors.

It looks like #1 is struck off the list as Raffi Hovannisian is calling on citizens to vote. It’s completely possible that the ANC’s strategy was #1, and Hovannisian simply has a different strategy, but I’d be shocked if his Heritage party and the ANC have not been in discussions on how best “to win” this predetermined election.

Hovannisian is also calling for a public debate with Serzh Sargsyan, which goes along the lines of strategy #2.


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