Continuing Conflict sets the Foundation for Continuing Conflict

The Guardian has an excellent article on the rise of the right-wing in Israel. In part, the rise is from Israelis’ view that the peace process has failed. Simply replace the Israeli taxi driver with an Armenian taxi driver and the quote below fits well for Armenia. The longer the frozen conflict with Azerbaijan lasts, the more extreme positions are etched into Armenian’s and Azerbaijani’s psyches, decreasing the prospects for peace.

“Now, if you ask an Israeli taxi driver, he will say, ‘I want peace, but there’s no chance of it in this or the next generation.’ That is now the opinion of 90% of the public. And when people feel there’s no chance of peace, the rightwing is more creditable than the left. Today the competition is between the right wing, the extreme right wing and the fascist right wing. They have a solid majority.”


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