Presidential Election was Already Determined, Now not even an Entertaining Race

It was already almost certain that the current President would win reelection in February. Now there won’t even be a realistic challenge. The head of Prosperous Armenia party (PAP), Gagik Tsarukyan, announced that he wasn’t running and that PAP won’t endorse any candidate. Without the second largest party promoting a candidate, only the opposition—which won 7% of the popular vote in May—is running a candidate.

On the plus side, since the outcome is already determined, it’s possible that this will be the cleanest and most proper election ever.


Update: Unsurprisingly, it’s believed that Tsarukyan and Sargsyan struck a deal for PAP to step out of the election. Tert is reporting that they made a deal to develop a new coalition and replace Yerevan’s current mayor with someone a little more friendly.


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