Legal Closure but no Solace

The trial against Mariam Gevorgyan’s abuser has come to an end. Gevorgyan was abused by her husband and mother-in-law before escaping and suing them in court. The husband was protected as part of the blanket amnesty by the President making the mother-in-law the only perpetrator Gevorgyan could go after in court. That case ended recently with a sentence of four years for the mother-in-law. Unfortunately, the President’s amnesty commutes the sentence down to one year.

Gevorgyan’s case was one of the first domestic violence cases where the victim fought for justice all the way through the court system and “won.” Even with her hollow victory, her case is the first of what will be many. When the domestic violence law is finished next year, undoubtedly more cases will be brought as victims will have more legal tools available to them.


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