More Significant Update: Hungary Accepts Mediated Talks with Armenia. Armenia Rejects Them

Hungary has accepted a Swiss offer for mediated talks with Armenia. Armenia has said no.  The Armenian Ministry of Affairs has said “there is [no] need for mediation. What we need here are clear steps from the Hungarian authorities.” Requiring prior conditions before mediation can quickly be self-defeating for Armenia. The point here is not to punish Hungary, but to ride this pro-Armenia wave to develop stronger ties with allies while alienating Azerbaijan.

Assorted but related news:

  • Current list of criticizers of the pardoning: US, Russia, France, EU, Minsk Group, OSCE, Council of Europe Secretary General, Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, [Update:] NATO. Not even Turkey is defending Azerbaijan on this.
  • Cyber attacks between Armenia and Azerbaijan have died down.
  • Someone faked a threatening letter alleging to be from the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia. Besides the error pointed out in the article, the fact that the news service has a picture which is supposedly a scan of a fax of an email from Diane.Neil @ And the “full-size” version of the picture has been shrunk to a tiny pic. Finally, “ASALA Fighters” as the subject line? Really? Does Al-Qaeda send emails saying “Al-Qaeda Fighters”?
  • NATO will visit Armenia for an unspecified reason.
  • There are lawmakers calling for national unity. With Armenia’s long history of using external threats to crush internal dissent or criticism, any call for national unity is disconcerting.

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