Minor update on Safarov’s extradition: More Anger at Azerbaijan and Isolating Hungary

The EU is also formally against the pardoning. The co-chairs of the Minsk Group have come out against the pardoning of Safarov, pointing out how much of a step back it was to the peace process. Interestingly, the first article notes that the pdf of the Azeribaijani assurances, which I linked to in my previous post, was leaked by the Hungarian government as retaliation against Azerbaijan. The same article also provides some evidence of a informal agreement between the Presidents, implying Hungary knew what would happen and turned a blind eye. Thus, it’s still unclear how much Armenia should be retaliating against Hungary. Overall, it seems that states are very much against the pardoning but are cushioning their disagreement in whatever language they need to to ensure they can keep good ties with Azerbaijan for oil or military support.

Armenia has pulled out its prosecutors from courses at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest. The US government paid for the prosecutors to be there. The US embassy is going to be annoyed at this pull out, but can they blame Armenia? If nothing else, it’s hard to say it’s not legitimate to pull out your civil servants from an international training when one of your soldiers was killed at an international training in the same city. So, now the US embassy will have to find another location besides Hungary if it wants to hold events that include Armenia, further isolating Hungary (if only marginally).

Finally, an Azerbaijani expat heavily criticizes her government and has a clear-headed critique on the nationalism that permeates Azerbaijan. There are unstated issues that are legitimate, e.g. Karabakh, but it’s hard for any sane person to support the idea about promoting an axe murderer to the status of a national hero.


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