1000 All-Time Views!

Woohoo! I broke a thousand views!

I know the value of a blog isn’t in the number of visitors but in the quality of the content, but it’s hard to ignore that little ticker. So, here’s a post about the stats of Human Rights Work in Yerevan.

My most popular post is Oligarch vs. Oligarch followed by the Killing of Vahe Avetyan. This isn’t surprising since those posts were linked to by a few blogs. Afterwards, comes my two-album picture post of Gyumri and Amberd fortress and my post on domestic violence.

Unsurprisingly, the far majority of my hits come from the United States (621) and Armenia (239). But, the 48 hits from Canada, 14 hits from Georgia, and 6 hits from France demonstrate that the blog is reaching out to a larger international audience.

The far majority of people clicking into my blog come from Facebook, with some coming from google or other blogs. The majority that click on links leading out of the blog to either my photo album or to Wikipedia (I’m glad I’m at least providing entertaining photos or education through this blog).

So far the life expectancy of Human Rights Work in Yerevan is good (although I’m still itching to change the name). I will continue posting through at least October and possibly indefinitely longer.




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