Methane-Filled Balloons

On May 4th of this year there was a Republican political rally with a lot of balloons. Those balloons were filled with methane. The resulting explosion left over 140 injured.*

It’s now known who was responsible for the balloons. Unfortunately, investigators aren’t saying who. In the US, this event would result in a civil case against those responsible followed by a quick settlement. Here, there are “questions” of what law to punish these people with as there are no balloon-filling regulations. The news article (which comes from the government-owned source Tert) is even willing to throw in a red herring and start talking about the blame of the agency that left the square unregulated (and which agency is that? Either there is no obvious agency or its one that’s not politically connected). To me, I bet the one responsible is very friendly with the dominant Republicans (it was a Republican rally, don’t forget) and the Republicans are trying to protect one of their own.

* As a side note, it became an issue here in the office because those who remained in the hospital were not allowed to vote. To vote in a hospital, you need to register for the mobile ballot box. The problem is that you must register for the box 5 days before election day (i.e. by May 1st) leaving those hurt at the event vote-less. I wrote a brief memo on how that requirement is excessive and a violation of the voting rights of the injured.


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