Artsakh: the Pragmatics of Negotiation vs. the Psychology of Sacred Values

I want to bring attention to this article on the value of sacred values and the challenge of resolving intergroup conflicts that is perfectly appropriate for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. To learn more about the mentality, here is an excerpt of an English interview with Artsakh military hero Monte Melkonian.

This lack of sacred values is why outsiders can often easily see a resolution to a conflict, but their suggestions lack cultural understanding and are often rejected. For example, I know a Swiss guy whose solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue was for Israeli to pay all the Palestinians to leave. He had no conception that land could be worth killing or dying for. Unfortunately, for many white people living in developed western countries, the only way they can understand the feelings and the logics of occupation is through fiction. In the discussion with the Swiss guy, it was only in reference to the occupation in Battlestar Galactica did we achieve any headway in the conversation.


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