Artsakh’s Airline

Palestine has recently resumed its national airline. While it only flies biweekly and to only two airports, it’s a significant step for Palestine. It will lower the distance the people of Gaza have to travel to get on a plane, and it can become a source of pride and a symbol of the state of Palestine.

Artsakh is trying to do the very same thing. The airline will only travel from the Artsakh capitol city of Stepanakert to Yerevan, but that flight will shave hours from the current ~8 hour bus ride that’s often treacherous in winter. The flight will cost about 40,000 Dram ($100) and should be operational within a month. The airport is built to international standards and it is only the finalization of international agreements that’s delaying the start date. Well, that and that Azerbaijan has threatened to shoot down any planes (including civilian) from Artsakh.

The Armenian President Serzh Sarksian, who is from Artsakh, has stated he’ll be on the first plane.  In the worst case scenario, this could lead to a full-scale war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


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