My diet is terrible

When I arrived, I thought I was blessed with good fortune: my host-brother is a picky eater and won’t eat most meat. As a result, I have yet to see my host-mom cook any meat in the house and it’s never been an awkward point at the table. Unfortunately, he’s also a picky eater about most other things.

But, because of the combination of my host-brother’s preferences, his mom’s Russian background, the beginning of the growing season, and the high cost of imports, I have not had any fruit since I got here and few vegetables. Meals here have tons of carbs (bread, rice, lavash, cake, and potatoes) and always cheese but not much else. I bought orange juice but that adds even more carbs to the equation. Armenia is supposed to have amazing fruits, but I’ll have to wait until those local fruits get into the markets (at least the markets I know where to shop).

I also have yet to go running, but I think I’ll correct that issue this morning.



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3 responses to “My diet is terrible

  1. Rapsy

    Did you run by any markets?? Did you see anyone who resembles Grammy or maybe even Grandma Barbara?

  2. Gabe Armas-Cardona

    I did end up getting some food from a supermarket (expensive) and some apples from a kiosk (cheap). Unfortunately, cooking hasn’t been resolved yet, so I’m only buying things that take no prep (fruit, juice, tan, bread and jam).

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