The Armenian Genocide

It’s a bit obligatory for me to post about the Armenian Genocide. Genocide Remembrance Day was April 24th. As that was was my last day in the United States, forgive me for being a bit late.

I’m not really sure what to say besides the fact that people here will never ever forget about the genocide. The Genocide, and the resulting Diaspora, permeates so much of the economic, cultural and political realities of the country.

Also, from what I can tell,* Armenians don’t hate the Turks or the Turkish government for the Genocide. Armenians realize that not all Turks were involved and that not all involved were Turks. Likewise, the current generation of Turks  clearly has clean hands except for the lack of recognition. The lack of recognition or any form of compensation is what makes Armenians angry at the current Turkish government, not the act of the Genocide. But that anger is not trivial as demonstrated by the burning of the Turkish flag during the Genocide Remembrance Day parade (Look at the 17th picture).

For anyone that wants to learn more about the Genocide, there are plenty of sources online with the Wikipedia article being a good start. From a international politics perspective, A Problem From Hell by Samantha Power is a great resource. Some of the volunteers here in Birthright Armenia are planning to watch the movie Sunrise Over Lake Van. I can’t speak to its quality yet, but it sounds like it captures well the modern complexities of the unresolved issue. Note that I wouldn’t trust any anonymous ratings for the movie because of its political subject matter.

I’ll upload more pictures of my visit to the Armenian Genocide Museum as soon as I have a decent internet connection.

Armenian Genocide Museum

*I may be being hopeful and seeing what I want to see.


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