Election Monitoring

Armenia is having an election for the parliament on May 6th. It’s a big deal in the news (unsurprisingly), but I haven’t seen much evidence of the election in person (I don’t read or listen to the local mass media and political ads are only allowed in certain locations*).

Thankfully, some people are paying attention. Corruption is a big problem in Armenia, including vote tampering and election fraud. This year there is a ton of pressure to ensure that this election goes smoothly and isn’t filled with “irregularities.” First, there are seven international NGOs and 47 local NGOs signed up to monitor the election with a total of 28,000 observers. Second, even corporate interests are getting involved with Armenia TV paying Gallup to ask every 5th voter in 131 voting locations.

Let’s hope May 6th goes smoothly. I’ll keep you updated (because I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat).

*I think this is a good thing. Elections in El Salvador involve painting any and everything in your party’s colors. It can become a mess and awfully ugly when the FMLN and ARENA are trying to paint their colors in the same place.



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3 responses to “Election Monitoring

  1. Daniela

    Well that’s a good thing! They’re trying to reach fairness. You can’t vote right? How is your room? Is the house you stay in nice?

    • Gabe Armas-Cardona

      It is a good thing. They are trying to improve what has been a notorious process. In polls, it looks like the main parties in government will keep their power, so a fair election won’t change government policy, but it will ensure that other people and parties can compete and have a chance to win.

      My homestay is nice. The family is super nice to me. I just finished playing chess with my host-brother who is 16.

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