I’m in London, I’m in France, I can see … err, nevermind.

My first time in Europe and I’m stuck at Heathrow without a pound to my name. General impressions: British stereotypes are not without merit. The people have been quite polite and particularly unattractive. Also, would it kill them to put some spice in the food? Otherwise, the food was quite tasty. And, since I marked ‘vegetarian’ when I bought my ticket, I received my food first as a special order. Go being different!

My flight to Yerevan leaves in a few hours, and interestingly, continues its trip to Tehran. Imagine, if I fall asleep and miss my flight, I could end up in an Iranian jail as an American spy!

Speaking of sleep, I am going to crash and burn. I got about four hours of sleep (I’m writing this at 3:35am PST), and imagine I’ll be a delightful guest to my host family. “Thank you for showing me to my room, please don’t wake me for the next 18 hours.”

Also, note for the future: pack the outlet converters in my day bag, not my checked luggage. I have 58 minutes of laptop time left. Thankfully Virgin Atlantic’s onboard entertainment is freaking fantastic.

And, I think I should say something about London since that was my first time there. The weather was dreary and all I could think of was Lily Allen. So overall, I think it was a representative experience.


Lily Allen and London Pride. This makes me an honorary Englishman, right?


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