I’m here! I’m alive! I have internet (well kind of)

So, I am comfortably put up in the master bedroom of this family’s home. They’re super nice and I’m not super tired. But, at least with a shower, some food and some tea I am feeling like a normal person again. I was using the neighbor’s unlocked wifi network but the neighbor apparently doesn’t keep it up all night.



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3 responses to “I’m here! I’m alive! I have internet (well kind of)

  1. Rapsy

    I love this blog! Your reflections on what you see and feel at the moment makes us feel like we’re there with you–well, almost.
    I’m glad the family you’re staying with is nice, but how/why do you merit the master bedroom?!
    Keep the stories coming 🙂
    Rapsy….who could this be?!

  2. Ramon

    Gabriel, you have a nack(?) for writing some of your actions and thought processes. Keep it up, tell us what dreams you had on your first night there. Thanks for making us a part of your world adventure. Ya comenzaste a usar el traductor?. papi

  3. Gabe Armas-Cardona

    Hi! Thanks for the first comments on the blog. This is definitely developing into a unique experience which I hope to memorialize on this blog. I’m taking lots of pictures but I don’t know how I can upload most of them yet because of the slow internet I have at home.

    Mom, I got the master bedroom because it’s the only bedroom and Birthright Armenia requires host families to give participants their own room. The mom sleeps on a bed in the living room and my host-brother sleeps on a couch that doubles as the seating for the table. I think the host-brother used to sleep on the bed in the living room. Yeah, it’s not the best situation because I feel like I really owe them :-/. The master bedroom is huge and decorated. There’s a tv, piano, and a small room (window room?) all now in “my” space.

    And yes papi, the translator has come in handy. Pantomiming words gets tiring very fast. I plan on incorporating it into my language lessons which begin Thursday.

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