My kingdom for an outlet

And it begins. I’m at SFO with an hour to kill before my flight. Thanks to the free wifi, I’m able to get my internet fix regardless of being phone-free.

The last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster. Actually, scratch that. The last few days have been like waiting in line before getting on the rollercoaster. Some days I’m thrilled; other days I’m mortified. Now I’m tired of the emotional turbulence and want to just get on with it.

There are a million things I feel are left undone, but I bet how long I had to prepare is irrelevant to the feeling. So many projects, so much preparation, so many friends I didn’t get to see; even if I had stayed in California for a month I wouldn’t have resolved everything as new projects, plans and people would have continued to crop up.

Alright, time to head through security. I have no idea the next time I’ll have internet so have patience.


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